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ZET – HZPT integrated transport contract & Promet Split – HŽPP integrated PT

a. ZET-HŽPP integrated transport contract
b. Promet Split-HŽPP integrated PT

Transport within administrative boundaries of City of Zagreb limited with stops Sesvetski Kraljevec, Odra, Podsused i Mavračići. Contract between HZ PP and ZET Bus operator was concluded on March 1st, 2017 and is valid till February 28th, 2019 with possibility of annexing. Contractual Terms - Common Monthly Subscription Cards

  • the price of the monthly common general subscription ticket amounts to HRK 400.00 with VAT, of which the share of HZPP revenues is 55% and ZET 45%
  • the price of monthly students, students, retired persons, persons with disabilities and social subscription cards is 200,00 kn with VAT, of which 65% is allocated as HZPP's income and ZET 35%.
b. Promet Split-HŽPP

Contract between HZ PP and Promet Split Bus operator was signed at January 1st, 2016 and is valid unlimited.

Transportation with train-bus/bus-train on relation Split-Split suburban area- Solin-Kaštel Sućurac-Kaštel Gomilica-Kaštel Kambelovac-Kaštel Stari-Sadine-Labin Dalmatinski-Prgomet-Preslo-Bakovići-Primorski Dolac

Contractual Terms - Common Monthly Subscription Cards
  • the price of the monthly common general subscription ticket amounts to 380.00, 460.00, 650.00 and 800.00 HRK with VAT, depending on a Zone
  • the price of monthly pupils and students tickets amounts 190.00, 230.00, 500.00 and 550.00 HRK with VAT, depending on a Zone
  • retired persons subscription cards is 200.00 and 240.00 HRK with VAT, depending on a Zone

For all the revenue share amount of 65% is allocated to HZPP's and 35% for Promet Split.

ZET-HZ PP boarding stations of City of Zagreb – rail network

HZ PP rolling stock

ZET Bus operator

Promet Split Bus operator

Tarif zones in Split area

4. Challenges and barriers in implementing /introducing selected good practice and respective ways used in order to overcome or limit risks

Public city passenger traffic is of great and irreplaceable significance for the functioning of life in cities. Everyday travel in the city and the suburban region is one of the main activities of all residents, and the quality of life in the city also measured by city and suburban transportation system. The goal is to optimally meet transport needs all inhabitants by transport intensity, time and space with the acceptable costs of organizing and maintaining the entire transport system. The need to adjust to transport participants in integrated transport system remains.

5. Funding mechanism, cooperation schemes developed and institutional reforms made

Mutual collaboration in based on initiative and also offers from HZ PP side. With mutual meeting collaboration is created and this also means terms and conditions of services.

6. Factors of success

a. Improving traffic accessibility and accessibility of rail transport in the area of integration
b. increasing the attractiveness of rail transport services through better traffic connections between the railway and bus operators
c. a quicker journey after the integration in and around the integration area
d. encouraging rail transport to increase the number of passengers and revenues
e. became major transport operator in Croatia with direction to mass and transit railway transport to satisfy the passengers needs and all transport users.

7. Recommendations, transferability

Contractual parts can be transferred to all rail-bus relations. Template of contract with its vital parts remains the same except the area of implementation. Crucial contract parts:

  • Specific relations
  • Price
  • Revenue share
  • Contract determination – penalties

Intermodality Promotion and Rail Renaissance in Adriatic - Ionian Region

This project is supported by the Interreg ADRION Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund and IPA II fund.

Inter-Connect aims at promoting intermodal passengers transportation and revitalising rail …



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